Sunday, 18 March 2007

Javan Pond Heron Flaps in

From the ABC website ...

Javan Pond Heron has Twitchers in a Flap
Last Update: Friday, March 16, 2007. 10:36am ACST
By Anna Daniels
A winged creature from Indonesia has bird-lovers in a flap! The Javan Pond-Heron blew in from Indonesia with Cyclone George and has now taken up residency in Darwin’s northern suburbs.
News of his arrival spread quickly with ‘twitchers’ from all corners of Australia flying in to catch a glimpse.
Sheryl Keates, from the Northern Territory Field Naturalists Club, was one of the first spotters on the scene.
“Many people have come to see this bird. People have been from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Broome-you name it they’ve been here and they’re still coming,” she said.
For non-twitchers, those who don’t share the passion for bird-watching, the fuss over the feathers may seem perplexing but the Javan Pond-Heron has inadvertently created a mini-tourism boom.
“People coming up here spend money on accommodation, hire cars and food.”
Sheryl’s phone has been ringing hot since news of the heron’s arrival took flight and her enthusiasm for sharing the find is still sky high.
“It’s wonderful to be able to show people a new bird. Just the delight they get from seeing it. But I am going away in a couple of days so I’ll have a bit of a break from all this and someone else will have to take over.”


So, earlier this morning we grabbed a camera and headed out to the end of Trower Rd in an attempt to track down this weary little feathered beast. We found a fair bit of wet grass and a seriously washed out drain; and had just about given up when, on our way back to the car, out flew the damp little critter, looking considerably flylagged and a bit shabby, definitely the worst for wear after his long journey. Sitting up high in a wet euchalypt he was probably wondering why he had decided to do his big overseas trip.

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