Sunday, 24 February 2008

Life on the north shore hasn't changed

IT began as a sordid tale of steamy and illicit underage sex in a leafy North Shore suburb of Sydney.

But yesterday it sounded like a typical encounter in the affluent but ageing suburb of Mosman - just another lustful romp among consenting adults with lots of wrinkled grey skin.

Thong Dee is the first elephant to fall pregnant in Australia.

But just how old the Taronga Zoo attraction really is remained mired in controversy yesterday amid claims she could be as young as six - or as old as 12. The elephant was registered in Thailand as having been born in 2001 but its original owners claimed she is actually 12 years old and that her age was "roughly estimated" at the time of registration.

Anti-zoo activists, including the NSW Greens, have denounced the zoo's breeding program, claiming Thong Dee is too young to fall pregnant and that elephants should not be bred until at least the recommended age of 11 or 12.

Rampant sex. Wrinkled skin. Manipulative women and would-be dominant males. Life goes on in Mosman as normal.


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Lynda said...

Hi, thanks for the 'tea & sympathy' and for stopping by... don't be a stranger... Laughed hard at this post.. being an ex-North Shore girl myself...LOL