Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Looking at the books for the year

Well, the scrutiny of Estimates by Parliament is over and we have survived … well, sort of … because we now have to do the work we weren’t doing while we were preparing for estimates.

But, whoever said Parliament was boring, hasn’t read Hansard.

And I quote:

"Mr MILLS: Treasurer, has the department been the subject of any form of criminal damage?

Ms PRINCE: I am not sure what you mean by criminal damage?

Mr MILLS: By criminal damage, I mean graffiti, windows broken.

Ms PRINCE: Not that I am aware of.

Mr MILLS: Theft?

Ms PRINCE: I know the Tattslotto fund was taken from Treasury pool about a month ago, which was about $30. I am not aware of any other."

But perhaps the most of it can be roughly summed up with an international cartoon. Perhaps in the global village many things change, but many others stay the same.

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