Friday, 30 January 2009

Darwin was (almost) coolest city in the country

from NT News January 30th, 2009

Darwin may be coolest city
DARWIN could be about to set one of the most unusual records in the city's history.

There is a possibility Darwin could be Australia's coldest - yes, coldest - capital city today.

As the southern states are hit by a once-in-a-generation heatwave, the monsoon has seen mild temperatures in the Top End. The mercury is tipped to reach just 29C in Darwin today, the same temperature predicted in Sydney and Hobart. All other capital cities are expecting temperatures above 30C with 43C predicted in Melbourne and 42C in Adelaide.

Not a headline we would normally expect to see in Darwin, ever. It’s usually, hot, hot, hot.

We just got pushed out by Brisbane, experiencing some overcast weather which kept the temperature down.

Well, we were almost cool … my mother used to say “almost isn’t even half”, so she would not have been impressed!

The weather has been pleasant though … quite a relief from that earlier in the season.


swenglishexpat said...

Too flippin' hot for me anyway! My ideal summer temp is 22-23 C.
BTW You are in Darwin, right. So why does my stats show you as coming from Adelaide? Is the ISP server there? I don't get it!

Veronica said...

22-23 is a coolish overnight temp here for us at this time of year, 25+ is more common! Daytime temps change very little throughout the year, a bit below and a bit above 30; it is just the humidity that changes - up high now and lower during your summer.
stats question - yes