Sunday, 1 March 2009

Look before you put that in your mouth …

Queensland parliamentarians have been told to get fit! Exercise will do it, they have been told.

Captain Bligh has issued the orders. I wonder will there be another mutiny? The last one, after all, was enacted not far from the sunshine state.

Many of us have heard that advice, and have gone down that path, or around the block, of whatever. And it hasn’t always worked in the way we wanted. We wanted to lose weight and it didn’t happen. We walked, we exercised, we were good, weren’t we? And we still didn’t get the reward we wanted.

We even followed the next line of advice too, didn’t we? Cut down on the fat; that will do it.

But did it really?,,25013262-23289,00.html

I know I have been on this soapbox before …

... but I have experienced it for myself and feel better for it.

Cut down on the sugar and the short time satisfaction carbs (not all of them are bad!) and your body will thank you for it.


taxitalk said...

I drink 2 slurpees a day
I also try to eat two rolls of Mentos
THe fruit kind
thats all I eat at work
sometimes a bag of nibs
a big one

swenglishexpat said...

I'm doing my best, Miss, honest. ;-)

Veronica said...

And I believe you, blogling!

Simple Answer said...

Oh how I love sweets! And Arabic bread! And chocolate. I am weak.

Veronica said...

Simple Answer
Well, I see only one answer, and it is simple - you should read my next blog, cause you're gonna have to get on your bike! ;-)