Monday, 12 December 2011

They are still only tuning up ... and only a bit off key

Ah, the delightful sound that indicates that there might be life after the buildup ...

If you haven't lived in the tropics or even tried to survive the buildup to the refreshing rains of a tropical wet season; you may wonder what on earth I am rambling on about.

If you have been though a buildup, or experienced what the indigenious people of Kakadu say - when Gunumeleng changes to Gudjewg; you might have worked out what I am hinting at.

Today we had a lovely storm blow through, bringing about 13mm of cooling rain, which almost instantly dropped the temperature from a hot 31 degrees C to a pleasant 22 degrees C. It crept up a little later, but it has remained overcast and so appears cooler.

And tonight there is the beginning of the warming up of the Orchestra of the Green Tree Frog.

It will get hot again before the monsson decides to bless us with its presence; but while there is teasing rain there is hope of sanity.

And a little humour always helps, don't you think?

Thank you

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