Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Naked in a shower

Recently, I was talking about moulting trees. Now, the rains have arrived; whether it will be for a short visit or stay for awhile, we will have to wait and see. The weather boys and girls tell us that the monsoon is just off the coast. It has been raining, from heavy to drizzle, since Sunday, the frogs have been singing harmoniously and everything feels damp. But it is definitely cooler! Funny people that we are, we now run the airconditioning to prevent everything turning mouldy. Blue suede shoes are not back in fashion just yet!

From the Bureau of Meteorology this morning:

Issued at 5:00 am CST on Tuesday 16 December 2008

Current Weather Summary and Future Developments:
A monsoon trough lies just off the north coast with a tropical low located in the Timor Sea. The low and trough are expected to develop, with squally monsoonal showers and storms about the north and west coasts over the next few days. Widespread showers and storms elsewhere in the north. To the south, fine with a dry southeast flow, tending warmer northerly with storms extending down the western border from mid-week ahead of a trough approaching from the west.

Meanwhile, back to those trees. It would appear that they love the rain cooling their new skin. This is the eucalyptus alba (salmon gum) which has finished moulting.

To the right, see the flowers of the melaleuca (paperback or ti tree) which is also showing the appreciation of the rain. If the rain continues for a period of time, its combination with high tides, will see the tidal creek (behind the trees) right up to the path.

In the next photo, you can also see a cycad looking appreciative of the rain.


swenglishexpat said...

It is really fascinating to read about a climate so totally different, and I like your humorous/naughty title! Are you trying to attract more readers?

Veronica said...

Definitely not cold like yours.
Hmmm, now that's a thought!

Connie said...

I lived on a street called Melaleuca when I was growing up. We had the trees in a row behind our property and, despite their being very thin and bendy, we climbed them all the time. Get to the top of one, let it bend down to reach the next, hop off, climb up, repeat... all the way down the block! They are, unfortunately, known to be an invasive/pest species nowadays though (in Florida).

Veronica said...

I think some of those trees may figure that humans are an invasive species too! ha ha

Veronica said...

I think some of those trees may figure that humans are an invasive species too! ha ha