Thursday, 4 December 2008

The storms, they are a’brewing

About three weeks ago, I posted about our pre-monsoon storm season.

This afternoon, I was out and about in the car and couldn’t resist taking some photos of the afternoon cumulonimbus storm cloud build up.

We have had some storms, which have been a pleasant, if short lived, break from the very humid and hot conditions we have been experiencing since the beginning of November. As I sit here writing, at just before midnight, the thermometer still sits on 29.6˚C, and I won’t tell you the humidity. All I can say is thank God for airconditioning! However, we haven’t had a lot of rain and the personalities are still strained. This doesn’t help as we move towards Christmas, with its added hustle and bustle as people plan their Christmas activities. For some, it will be a break away to join family in slightly cooler climes, or a holiday break in one of our neighbouring Asian countries.

Enjoy the cloud photos; hopefully, soon they will deliver some cooling rain.

1 comment:

swenglishexpat said...

Impressive skies, may it rain upon you! ;-)
PS I see your forecast says thunder and 34*C. We hover just above freezing!