Thursday, 1 April 2010

After all, Easter is imminent, and you know what wet bunny fur is like …

Update from the Bureau of Meteorology today …

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Paul is currently over the southwestern Gulf of Carpentaria
and is expected to move south towards the coast during Thursday. The system is
no longer expected to redevelop into a tropical cyclone.

Heavy rainfall and strong, squally winds are expected to continue in the
Roper-McArthur District during Thursday.

A Severe Weather Warning is current for damaging wind gusts and heavy rainfall
in the Roper-McArthur District.

No further advices will be issued for this system.”

That’s my boy! Zipped in here, zapped out there, spun around and zipped in again, gave everyone a dust up and then headed off again to have a quiet time to himself (probably eating Easter eggs!).

So bloggers; it is now safe to answer the door. I will be home for Easter, watching out for the Easter Bunny; hoping there are some eggs left for me.

Hoppy Easter to all!

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