Friday, 9 April 2010

Restaurant charges 'thongage'

As I said in the post below; leopard’s don’t change their spots! Mr Spellman is back in the news and this time it’s about thongs. Thongs in this part of the world refer to footwear, not an article of lingerie. Thongs, flipflops, zori’s, whatever your local terminology is.

A DARWIN restaurant is charging patrons $10 for wearing thongs while they dine.

The "thongage" charge is announced in a sign on the door of John Spellman's Tramontana restaurant on McMinn St.

Last night Mr Spellman said the "campaign" was setting the tone for his "boutique" restaurant. "It's a formal restaurant - tablecloths, napkins. I wear shoes and socks," he said.
"There's actually a button on the register. I just put it on the bill - you don't have to argue about it. Two lamb chops, one thongage.

Read the whole story below …

Darwin, being the town it is, has not let that news article rest without retaliation.
Read below and at the bottom of the article are comments from around the world … the story has grown and actually yielded fruit.


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Connie said...

No shirt, no shoes, no service; and thongs will cost you. :D