Saturday, 15 November 2008

The day the tide went out ... and out

We have large tidal ranges here in Darwin. The range can be around eight metres. This situation can result in catching people out. Cars regularly go swimming; usually when they have become bogged when loading or unloading a boat from a trailer.

Tide Times for Saturday 15 November 2008
Low 12.48 am 2.41m
High 6.15 am 6.92m
Low 1.10 pm 0.13m
High 7.49 pm 7.75m

Today, almost on low tide, I noticed a boat sitting high and dry, about halfway out on one of our local beaches.

I am still not sure if they ran out of fuel, or simply, got caught by the tide. By the time I parked and found the camera, the occupants had decided to abandon ship and walk (slurp, slurp) across the mudflats. Not an appealing activity, especially when it is as hot and humid as hades in the middle of the day. Most people seek the shade, with a cool drink in hand, at that time of the day; that is if they can’t hide in airconditioning – a bit difficult if you have decided to go for a run in the * tinny, I suppose.

I may have to go back before sunset and see what progress has been made with the tour.

* local lingo for metal runabout boat, usually with an outboard engine – now you know exactly what I mean don’t you?

The following photos tell some of the story. (Usual deal, click on photo to enlarge)

Abandon ship!

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