Sunday, 2 November 2008

The only good thing to come out of Tennant Creek is the Stuart Highway – I think Harmony James has changed that theory…

… I am sad to say that the Territory is losing a rising star, as Harmony James moves onwards to Brisbane to further her careers.

Last night, she performed at the Darwin Entertainment Centre in the Studio Theatre, which was set up cabaret style for her performance. She was backed by well known Darwin performers Mike Foley, on bass and Mark Smith on drums. I think that she enjoyed the experience and I can happily say that I feel that the audience did also.

So, maybe when she is a big star in the big smoke she will remember a smallish gig in Darwin.

Picture © Harmony James

She sang songs from her EP Harmony, as well as some old ones – You’re No Good (from way back in 1964, I think and recorded by names such as Linda Ronstadt and Reba McEntire); and a good version of Cootamundra Wattle (John Williamson), a hauntingly, sad song with some good advice for all of us. This was interspersed with songs she is planning to add to her new album, which should be released in about five months.

There was a particularly impressive song, perhaps called Some People Give (not sure of the name); the words are well thought out and the music and composition are well done. The song came from a blunt reminder that things aren’t always what they appear on the surface.

There was also a reference to Greek mythology (Icarus) with a song about flying too close to the sun. We all do a bit of that at times, I think, and feel a little singed! Or maybe it just feels like that, in Darwin in November!

To listen to Harmony; click below and check out the video clip. And listen out for her new album.

Her last song was So Long, Wish Me Goodbye; hopefully it will only be Adieu. Good luck Harmony, with the next step in the adventure; and don’t forget your followers in Darwin, because we won’t forget your voice.

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